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Launch of “Kana Kampaigns” by Kana Labs and Econia Labs

Kana Kampaigns

“Kana Kampaigns”: A Fresh Incentive Program for Traders

Kana Labs and Econia Labs are proud to announce “Kana Kampaigns.” This innovative monthly rewards program is designed to acknowledge and reward dedicated users of the “Kana Trade” order book platform. Each month, the initiative will distribute 4,000 APT tokens. Rewards are based on users’ trading volume and engagement, highlighting the value of user contributions to the platform’s growth and success.

Reward Distribution: How It Works

Volume-Based Rewards (3,000 APT): Each month, Kana Labs allocates a significant portion of 3,000 APT tokens as volume-based rewards. These rewards directly correlate to the users’ share of the monthly trading volume on “Kana Trade,” actively encouraging more trading activity.

Activity-Based Rewards (1,000 APT): To further highlight user engagement, Kana Labs sets aside an additional 1,000 APT tokens. Specifically, the platform distributes 500 APT tokens equally among users who manage to execute at least one trade daily throughout the month. For those hitting certain trading volume milestones, another 500 APT tokens serve as an incentive, promoting consistent interaction and encouraging high-volume trading.

How to Engage

Engagement in “Kana Kampaigns” involves a few simple steps:

  • The campaign starts on 3rd April 2024 at 2.30 PM UTC.
  • Only trades executed on the “Kana Trade” platform will qualify for rewards.
  • Reward distribution is planned by the 5th of the month following the campaign period.
  • The program is open to participants worldwide, except for those in restricted jurisdictions.
  • You can track your rewards and milestones at
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Forward Outlook

“Kana Kampaigns” aims to establish a fair and engaging reward system. It caters to various user groups, from those trading in large volumes to daily active users. By trading on the “Kana Trade” platform, users have the opportunity to earn APT tokens. This enhances the trading experience with tangible rewards. Stay tuned for further updates on this incentivization campaign. Increased platform engagement leads to greater rewards.

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