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Lazarus Group Targets DeFi via Fake Fenbushi Capital Profile on LinkedIn, Says SlowMist

Playdapp Hack

SlowMist, a security firm, expressed concern about North Korean Lazarus Group posing as a managing member of Fenbushi Capital, a Chinese blockchain asset management company, on LinkedIn. The group is known for impersonating investors to target prominent DeFi projects.

According to SlowMist’s chief information security officer, a hacker from Lazarus Group created a fake LinkedIn profile under the name “Nevil Bolson” claiming to be the co-founder of Fenbushi Capital. It was determined that the profile picture used by the fraudster belonged to the real Fenbushi Capital partner Remington Ong.

It has been confirmed that the fake LinkedIn page remains active and the fraudster is soliciting discussions from software developers. Lazarus Group often conducts private conversations on LinkedIn pretending to be an investor and then tries to schedule meetings with its targets.

SlowMist warns that Lazarus Group’s strategy involves gaining the victim’s trust before adding malicious links disguised as meeting invitations or event pages that, when clicked, will lead to phishing attacks.

By comparing IP addresses and observing similarities in attack methods, the security firm determined that “Nevil Bolson” was part of the Lazarus Group.

As reported by the UN Security Council, North Korea’s state-sponsored crypto hacker groups allegedly generate significant revenue for the country, a large portion of which is allocated to the development of weapons of mass destruction.

According to Chainalytics, approximately $1.7 billion worth of funds have been stolen from the cryptocurrency space through 231 hacks.

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