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Legal Storm for XRP: Ripple Labs Fights to Keep Secrets

Ripple vs SEC

There is increasing intensity to the Ripple Labs legal battle. The US Securities and Exchange Commission dispute is becoming increasingly heated as Ripple decides to keep some documents private. Some case-related documents have been sealed by Ripple, who contends that the financial statement and specifics of its commercial relationships require protection.

According to James K. Filan, who is defending Ripple, there is a continuous struggle to protect papers as it is clear that they could reveal confidential information that could damage the company’s economic advantage in addition to damaging its social ties.

The SEC underlined the expected turbulence of the judicial processes by declining to stop the sealing of such information and citing problems with other materials that they thought relevant for the debate.

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Like the core of the SEC and Ripple legal disputes, the nature of XRP is the main topic of discussion. Since the cryptocurrency registration was not finished, the SEC asserts that XRP is a security, as stated in its appeal over the breach of securities laws. Unlike what Ripple claims, XRP is not regulated by the securities laws.

SEC Win: Fines and Reshaped Crypto Laws?

Big hurdles await Ripple and the international cryptocurrency markets from the beginning of the lawsuit. Huge fines for Ripple Labs LLC and a change to the securities laws would most likely follow an SEC victory. But if a business like Ripple wins a case, it will not just be a success for Ripple but also a precedent for other digital assets that would face the same legal obstacles.

Not just legality, but noteworthy actions inside the Ripple system have also caught the curiosity of the community. There is something of a market swerve and reassignment about the 280 million XRP tokens that Ripple Coin re-transferred between enticing whale addresses and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Though its legality is still debatable, the XRP currency has been steady throughout. The rumor that cryptocurrency has lately fallen to zero has caused concern for the especially vulnerable. Regarding XRP, its market capitalization is $43.5 billion at $0.33, while the market capitalizations of bitcoin and ether, at $1 trillion, appear fair. This ability to weather legal wrangles demonstrates how much XRP investors think the company has long-term promise.

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