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LocalMonero and AgoraDesk Shutting Down: What It Means for Monero?


A recent buzz that spread like a forest fire in the crypto world is the announcement by the crew of the popular peer-to-peer trading platforms, LocalMonero and AgoraDesk, declaring that they will be shutting down the trading of their trading platforms. Referencing both internal difficulties and the disappointments of the outside world, this makes it clear that the era of monero traders is over.

Implications for Monero and its Community

On May 8, the notice was pasted everywhere, and it was lettered to the employees with the specific date of the shutdown process. Firstly, Monero will stop trading on May 14, which will be followed by the winding down of its operation over the next the next six months. This gradual clean-up of its operations will lead to its closure on November 7, 2024. Customers would be kept posted about returning their funds before the last date, or the unclaimed funds may be viewed as abandoned.

Acknowledging Users’ Support Amid Uncertainty

The team assured the community of their gratitude, which has been held in their hearts for the past seven years, and their confidence in the future of Monero, despite the platform’s decision to be discontinued. Apart from demoing Monero’s operation in practice, They also gave the audience an insight into the forthcoming developments within the community, like the launch of Haveno and Serai, the decentralized exchanges, and the ongoing Monero protocol progress. The interest of the community in joining the project and team is evidence of the belief that the values of Monero are far-reaching and go beyond the platforms the team is working with now.

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Challenges to Monero’s Reputation

LocalMonero and AgoraDesk recently shut down at a fundamental moment when Monero faced challenges to its future security and privacy with recent incidents. By delisting Monero and other privacy currencies on the Binance platform, a noticeable decrease in value occurred. These exchanges are putting into question what the Monero dependability and reliability are that are required for the alternative currency to exist.

Market Response and Future Outlook

It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation is; Monero is perfectly able to overcome the barriers within the market. Pushing forward, Monero ($129) is dealing at the $XMR level today. In a span of 24 hours, there has been a prominent increase of 15%. While the cryptocurrency stabilized at 7%, we noticed a sharp increase of 6% in the past week, which could be one of the positive indications that investors are still interested in the cryptocurrency despite the platform closures and regulatory challenges.

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