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Logan Paul’s NFT Buyback: Celebrities’ Responsibilities on Web3!

Logan Paul
Logan Paul’s announcement of a refund for his CryptoZoo project sparked controversy within his YouTube community.
YouTube researcher, Coffeezilla, highlighted the provisions on the project’s website that would waive any claims against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo.
Community members expressed their dissatisfaction after YouTuber Logan Paul fulfilled his promise from a year ago by announcing refunds for disappointed investors in the CryptoZoo NFT project.
The NFT project was intended to be a “play-to-earn” (P2E) game allowing players to buy, sell, breed, and trade animals with cryptocurrencies. However, despite the YouTuber announcing the project in August 2021, the game was never released. This situation led to allegations of fraud and a class-action lawsuit against the celebrity.
Logan Paul
Throughout this debate, many commentators urged Paul to compensate his investors for their losses. They closely monitored the progress since Paul promised repayments almost a year ago.
On January 4th, Paul finally shared a website where NFT owners could participate in a $2.3 million buyback program, allowing them to repurchase their NFTs at their original prices. According to the YouTuber, claims can be submitted through the website until February 4th.
While this news appears positive for those who bought NFTs, some believe there might be other reasons behind Paul’s move. YouTube researcher Stephen Findeisen, known as “Coffeezilla,” pointed out a disclaimer on the website, stating that participants in the buyback program waive any claims against Paul and CryptoZoo.

Meanwhile, others celebrated this move as a victory for the community. Crypto content creator Mason Versluis commended Paul for officially repaying CryptoZoo investors. Versluis also emphasized that mainstream celebrities cannot operate in the “Web3” space without accountability.
YouTuber Erling Mengshoel Jr., commonly known as “Atozy,” who holds responsible the “commentary” channels, has almost 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. According to Mengshoel, this development wouldn’t have happened without these channels.

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