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Logos Wrote Its Manifesto on the Bitcoin Blog

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Logos, a decentralized and privacy-focused technology stack, made history by inscribing its manifesto document on the largest-ever Bitcoin block mined to date. The inscription, totaling 3.99 MB in size, serves as a precursor to the launch of Logos’ Ordinals collection.

What sets this inscription apart is that it was made on a satoshi created in 2009, in block 3,479, rather than a standard satoshi. Logos emphasizes its politically neutral stance, positioning itself as a project aimed at protecting civil liberties through its technology stack.

The collection of inscriptions, known as Logos Operators, is intended to represent the pseudonymous identities of the first inhabitants of the Logos technology stack. These Operators will play a crucial role in enabling individuals to transition into Logos’ ecosystem, which aims to provide a sovereign enclave in cyberspace.

Logos plans to have the foundational components of its technology stack, including the Nomos Layer 1, operational by the end of the year. The project’s overarching goal is to rebuild the internet with a focus on safeguarding civil liberties from the ground up, with a call for high-level Operators to join them in this endeavor.

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