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Magic Launchpad: New Era in Web3 Fundraising

Magic Launchpad

With the announcement of Magic Launchpad, Magic Square—backed by Binance Labs—heralded a new chapter in the Web3 space. This much-awaited invention seeks to serve as a decentralized fundraising mechanism for early-stage Web3 companies.

Magic Launchpad guarantees to offer small-capital investors a more equitable chance than conventional IDOs. By using special allocation techniques that include user behavior and contributions to the Magic Square ecosystem, the platform intends to guarantee fairness. This might enable participation in fresh and exciting initiatives by a larger user base.

Magic Square is not a novice in the fundraising scene. With this experience, Magic Square, which had already purchased TruePNL, another IDO platform, established the groundwork for Magic Launchpad. The new platform lets projects swiftly expand this network while obtaining funding from the 4.5 million users of Magic Square.

Apart from its launchpad, Magic Square presents a vast array of Web3 apps, such as blockchain games, NFTs, CeFi and DeFi platforms, and dApps. Interaction with the site rewards users, which promotes involvement in the ecosystem. Magic Square turns into a complete Web3 enthusiast center.

Ensuring Fair Investment Opportunities

The multi-chain platform of Magic Launchpad seeks to provide excellent projects by means of a stringent application procedure. This guarantees the equitable availability of investment opportunities, thereby allowing projects to compete fairly. Magic Square founder and CEO Andrey Nayman says the following about the matter:

“We are ready to revolutionize how early-stage startups acquire capital and get support in the Web3 ecosystem by tightly integrating with Magic Square’s current infrastructure. Investments made through Magic Launchpad enable projects to create a larger community by means of close interaction with our infrastructure in addition to raising money.”

Magic Launchpad will offer the community wide access to all Web3 innovation areas by including a range of IDO types. To obtain SQRp points—which set the allocation sizes for project launches that need points—users will deposit SQR tokens.

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Magic Launchpad’s Pre-IDO Marketing Campaigns

A standout aspect of Magic Launchpad is the pre-IDO Road-to-IDO marketing. Before the projects launch on Magic Launchpad, this campaign lets users connect with the community and platform to receive token rewards.

First IDO on Magic Launchpad will be for Storm Trade, a ground-breaking permanent DEX on the TON Blockchain. Storm Trade will provide up to 50x leverage trading on a range of marketplaces via a direct integration with Telegram. To commemorate the introduction of Magic Launchpad and the STORM token, Storm Trade has given the Road-to-IDO campaign 5,000,000 STORM tokens.

Magic Square is solving problems with user acquisition, increasing interaction, and offering a fulfilling, community-driven experience. The platform, which is run by Binance Labs, has over 1,300 listed apps and games and over 4.5 million registered users.

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