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Mandiant, Google’s Cyber Security Arm, Targeted in Crypto Scam


Mandiant, one of Google’s key investments in the cyber security space, has recently fallen victim to a crypto scam. A security breach that took place last night led to the use of the firm’s account with over 100,000 followers for crypto scams.

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The hackers shared fake links on Mandiant’s account that resembled the Phantom crypto wallet. Users were lured to the fake links with the promise of free PHNTM tokens, through a fake airdrop announcement.

Those who clicked on these fake links were redirected to a fake site and encouraged to download the alleged wallet. However, in reality, this wallet was designed to automatically drain users’ crypto funds.

Google acquired Mandiant for around $5.4 billion in September 2022. However, it was observed that the account address was changed from @Mandiant to @phantomsolw during the attack.

Mandiant struggled with the restrictions imposed by Twitter but managed to regain control of the account as of the time of writing.

This incident once again highlights the importance of cyber security measures. Users need to be careful and be on the lookout for fake links. It is also an inevitable necessity for companies to constantly update and strengthen their security measures.

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