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Mango Markets Fraudster Avraham Eisenberg Faces More Charges


Abram Eisenberg, the person behind the $110 million-worth Mango Markets heist, is again in the spotlight because of the latest legal proceedings.

The FBI Unconvers Disturbing Evidence

The evidence team agents of the FBI Computer Analysis and Response Team stumbled upon a heinous picture set of child pornography, which was extracted from the devices searched while investigating the frauds allegedly done by Eisenberg in January 2023.

Investigations Reveals More Details

A document released on April 26 by the court  states Eisenberg is accused of pretty terrifying allegations dated back to April 3. In addition to his earlier conviction for fraud as well as misleading the market, he now stands accused of holding child pornography as well.

Some of the illegal images that were mentioned are reportedly of minors under the age of 12, as indicated in the legal papers.

In such cases, it’s important to note that the court of law has not convicted or found Eisenberg guilty. Nonetheless, previous court documents from last month indicate the point of commencement of the investigation.

After conducting the initial search operation for Eisenberg’s financial crimes, FBI agents found the incriminating information on his cell phones and computers. This inquiry led to the issuance of a second warrant for an examination of evidence of child pornography possession.

The severity of the situation is further shown by the exposé of the child pornography charges done by investigative journalist Christopher Brunet.

Brunet claims that he has screenshots of Eisenberg from the previous dialogue threads where they discussed children. This makes the whole case very complicated.

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The legal clash is now in full gear, and the public is anxiously awaiting the results of the trial, which will surely shed more light on the grim case.

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