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Market Cap:
$2.41 T

Meme Coin Boge Suffers Cyberattack, Price Crashes by Over 90%


Base-based meme coin Boge has lost over 90% of its value following a cyberattack.

The Boge (BOGE) team confirmed the attack in a tweet on May 27th. The team’s statement explained that attackers exploited a similar vulnerability as in the recent meme coin Normie hack.

Blockchain data shows that an account ending in “bAOC” initiated over 120 transactions on Base on May 27th. Each transaction resulted in the transfer of hundreds of thousands of BOGE to the account, totaling 91.4 million BOGE stolen.

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After stealing the 91.4 million BOGE, the attackers converted them into 4.47 Ethereum worth $16,926. According to CoinGecko data, the price of BOGE plummeted by around 95% after the attack, effectively wiping out its value.

The team’s statement assured investors that a snapshot of all current holders has been taken and the project will be relaunched:

We have taken a snapshot of all current holders and are preparing to relaunch the project. Our primary focus is to ensure that everyone is well taken care of during this transition. We will be redistributing the total BOGE token supply to all holders for free.

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