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BTC Dominance:
% 0.13
Market Cap:
$2.34 T
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53 / 100
$ 64.219
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% 54.1
Market Cap:
$2.34 T

Memecoins Starts to Lose Momentum

Memecoin Down 1

After having 2 weeks with lots of profit, memecoins started to lose their momentum. While Bitcoin stays horizontal around $ 66.000, some of high performer memecoins froms last week, had downfalls. According to CoinMarketCap’s data DOGE has fallen nearly 13%, BONK down 18% and WIF down 13%. What’s next for DOGE, BONK and WIF? Which levels to follow? Here are the details.

DOGE Price Analysis:

The price in DOGE fell by nearly 12 percent in the last 24 hours. However, DOGE is currently trading at $0.15.

Doge 1

The support level in DOGE is 0.146 dollars, while the resistance level seems to be 1.7 dollars.

BONK Price Analysis:

According to CoinMarketCap’s data BONK has fallen more then 17% and now trading at $0000.29.

Bonk 2

The support level in BONK is 0.00027 dollars, while the resistance level is 0.000031 dollars.

WIF Price Analysis:

Last weeks popular memecoin Dogwifhat has fallen almost 18% according to CoinMarketCap’s data. WIF currently trading at $1.77.

Wif 1

While the support level in WIF is in the $ 1.7 region, the resistance area seems to be $ 1.9.

Memecoins, which increased by more than 100 percent last week, declined with the profit sales of investors. However, Bitcoin’s horizontal course maintains a positive stance for altcoins.

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