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Meta Restructures its Artificial Intelligence Department


Social media giant Meta (formerly known as Facebook) announced the dissolution of the department responsible for managing and developing its artificial intelligence projects.

According to the report, most of the team members of Meta’s artificial intelligence department took on different roles in the company’s artificial intelligence product department, and some joined the artificial intelligence infrastructure team.

The artificial intelligence (AI) team of Meta, established in February, focused on the goal of developing products that simulate human-made versions by creating languages and images. This coincided with a period when technological companies were directed towards faster machine learning in order not to fall behind in investing in artificial intelligence and to benefit from developments. Since the outbreak of artificial intelligence, Meta has been one of the leading technology companies in this field.

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This restructuring shows that Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is approaching the “year of productivity,” as CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in a statement in February. During this time, the company conducted various layoffs, merged teams, and reorganized the staff distribution.

Artificial intelligence security has become one of the priorities of leaders in this sector, especially as regulators and other authorities begin to consider the potential risks of next-generation technologies. In July, Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI formed industry groups focusing on setting the security standards of emerging AI technologies.

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