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Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor, founder of one of the world’s largest companies, Microstrategy, claimed that Bitcoin is a wonderful invention and is digital gold.

Saylor made this statement during a podcast chat. He discussed the dynamics related to money, the challenges traditional investment methods face during times of economic uncertainty, and the effects of these on company employees.

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As a Bitcoin advocate, Saylor also discussed the issue of asset erosion and the potential impacts of this situation on employees.

Saylor mentioned some ongoing problems for stocks while addressing this issue. These problems were the ability to launch stocks as supply in desired amounts and the considerable impact of politically made decisions on stocks.

Michael Saylor, compared Bitcoin to these difficulties after stocks and defended that Bitcoin is a more resilient asset against these problems, saying, “Bitcoin is characterized by a limited supply, which does not compare it with the problem of scarcity and increases its potential to preserve its value. Also, Bitcoin is less affected by political or market variables, as it is not subject to a central authority or policies.”

In a period when inflation risks are increasing and central banks are considering raising interest rates, Saylor, also emphasized that traditional investment tools are no longer reliable.

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