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Microsoft to Invest $2.2 Billion for AI and Cloud Development

Microsoft Ai

Microsoft will invest $2.2 billion in Malaysia over the next four years to improve cloud and artificial intelligence services.

According to the blog post, this is Microsoft’s largest investment in Malaysia in 32 years. Developing cloud and AI infrastructure, educating 200,000 people in AI, and helping developers are all components of it.

Microsoft will collaborate with Malaysia to establish an AI Center of Excellence and enhance cybersecurity.

The investment is a boost to Malaysia’s AI initiatives, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim told Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during a meeting on Thursday.

In Kuala Lumpur, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said: “We want to make sure we have world-class infrastructure right here in the country so that every organization and startup can benefit.”

An analysis by the international consulting firm Kearney predicts that artificial intelligence will add $1 trillion to Southeast Asia’s GDP by 2030, with Malaysia standing to gain US$115 billion.

Microsoft is making an effort to increase its global support for AI development. Nadella made two announcements this week: first, that Microsoft will establish its first regional data center in Thailand; and second, that the tech giant will invest $1.7 billion in nearby Indonesia.

Microsoft pledged $2.1 billion to enhance its artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure in Spain on February 20, marking yet another substantial investment in Europe. This funding comes after a three-billion-euro pledge to build Germany’s artificial intelligence ecosystem, which was revealed on February 15th.

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