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Modular Blockchain Project: What is Avail?


Avail is a modular blockchain project that aims to serve as a bridge for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

What is Avail?

Avail is a modular blockchain project announced in 2020 and introduced to the public in 2021. It aims to provide a comprehensive solution to challenges encountered by surpassing the limits of traditional blockchain platforms and democratizing access to financial services. Recognizing the slow and costly nature of building modern applications directly on monolithic chains, Avail strives to be an alternative solution to this issue.
Furthermore, the project adopts a community-based approach, where user feedback and participation play a significant role in the project’s development. Avail offers developers a secure, fast, and cost-effective data layer, providing everything needed to launch a sustainable blockchain.

Avail Team

Avail was founded by Anurag Arjun and Prabal Banerjee, who are also the founders of Polygon Labs. The presence of several team members known for their association with Polygon enhances confidence in the project.
With an approximately 39-member team, Avail aims to become a reliable and easily accessible platform in the future, leveraging the experience of its team members in the blockchain space.

Key Features of Avail

Security and Privacy: Avail places utmost importance on the security and privacy of user data. Utilizing a special encryption strategy, Avail ensures that only authorized individuals can access this information, supporting the idea that privacy will be maintained.
Compliance: Avail facilitates communication between different blockchain networks by providing tools for cross-chain transactions and data sharing, thereby enhancing interaction between networks.
Modular Design: Avail adopts a modular design consisting of interchangeable and upgradable components. This increases the flexibility of the blockchain, giving developers the freedom to choose the most suitable tools for their needs and customize the blockchain according to its requirements.
Data Access Layer: The data access layer allows for the recording and secure storage of data on the blockchain. Designed to seamlessly manage transactions and facilitate the handling of multiple processes, its primary goal is to securely store data and ensure easy accessibility.

Road Map

After Anurag Arjun became a founding partner of Polygon Labs, then known as Matic Network, in 2017, the Avail initiative began under the umbrella of Polygon in 2020. It was announced by Polygon in 2021, and Avail Testnet 1 was released in the same year.
In 2023, several innovations took place for Avail. The most significant one was its transition to an independent entity, separating from Polygon in the early months of the year, and the initiation of testnet activities named Kate and Clash of Nodes during the same year. The team experienced growth by increasing its workforce from 16 to 39 and announced new partnerships.
In 2024, it was announced that Clash of Nodes would continue, and exciting new partner events would commence. The team, expressing its commitment to ongoing development, revealed that they would unveil further news in the early months of 2024.


Until the end of 2023, Avail announced partnerships with platforms such as Movement Labs, Sovereign Labs, Madara Starknet, Succinct, RollkitDev, Paima Studios, RiscZero, Vistaralabs, and Alt Layer.

Testnet Continues

To join the Avail project, you first need to join the Avail Discord server through this link and then complete the verification process in the “verify” tab to obtain the “Passport Verified” role. To acquire this role, your Gitcoin Passport should have a score of 20 points or higher. If you don’t have this score, you can easily complete tasks at this link to reach 20 points.
Once you have reached the required points, go to this site, connect your Discord and Gitcoin accounts, and get your role by clicking the “rol al” (get role) button. Now, go to this link to create a wallet and receive faucet. After successfully opening your wallet, return to Discord, go to the “goldberg-faucet” channel, and send a message in the format “/deposit wallet address”. Go back to the Goldberg Avail Tools site, and you should see your test tokens. Now, you can test the network by sending the test tokens to other wallet addresses.

Where to Buy Avail?

Avail is not currently traded on any exchange.

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