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NFTPrompt Suffered a Hack Attack

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NFTPrompt (NFP), which entered the market as Binance’s 41st launchpool, suffered a hack attack. NFTPrompt, which is an artificial intelligence-powered platform, fell nearly 13 percent with the attack it suffered this morning.

NFTPrompt made its announcement on the subject on X. In the announcement made, the following statements were made:

The following statements were made in the statement made:

We are writing to inform you about a critical security incident related to NFPrompt. A group of hackers captured some wallets, including the wallets of NFP’s contract managers.  The team stated that the hackers took control of funds, including part of the NFP treasury and ecosystem fund. Users’ assets on the platform are safe, the team said, adding that they transferred all smart contract authorizations to different wallets as soon as they realized the attack.

It was also stated that the FBI stepped in against the hackers and the exchanges took action to freeze the funds. Warning users, the team stated that the stolen NFPs will be marked: “As part of the current investigation, we recommend that you only buy NFPs from known exchanges. Please do not interact with unofficial contracts related to NFTP. Do not buy NFPs via OTC. Be cautious and safe.”

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