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Nvidia vs. Bitcoin: Crypto Experts Predict Future Trends

Nvidia Bitcoin

According to crypto executives, technology giant Nvidia’s (NVDA) outperformance of Bitcoin over the previous 10 years should not be taken as a guide for the coming decade, as it is unlikely to repeat itself again.

Swan Bitcoin CEO Cory Klippsten claimed in a May 24 X article that there was “near zero chance of Nvidia outperforming Bitcoin over the next 10 years.”

After noting on X that NVDA “is one of the few assets that has outperformed Bitcoin over a 10-year period,” investment guru Lyn Alden said, “I would pick Bitcoin over Nvidia for the next ten years personally.”

Based on Statmuse statistics, Nvidia (NVDA), which makes processors companies use to build and implement artificial intelligence (AI) models, has returned 21,558% between May 23, 2014, and May 23, 2024; Bitcoin has returned 13,048%.

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With returns of 31.7% and 30.2%, respectively, Bitcoin has done somewhat better than Nvidia over the past three months following the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on Jan. 10.

As a trade resource The Kobeissi Letter noted in a May 24 X article that a $10,000 investment in Nvidia stock in 1999 is “worth $25.3 million today.”

Given that both Bitcoin and artificial intelligence had less general acceptance in 2014, Daniel Sempere Pico asked whether Nvidia would have been regarded as a “riskier” investment.

“I don’t know if anyone back in 2014 could have foreseen the whole AI thing, but some people could already see Bitcoin’s potential,” Pico said.

“If we were to travel back to 2014, I wonder which one we would think is more risky and less obvious to achieve such incredible returns,” he said.

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But co-founder of, “Sina” on X, contended that as more individuals start using financial assets, they usually have a wider domino impact than artificial intelligence.

“AI does not have any network effects. In money, there are several layers of network effects,” as said in a May 24 post.

Although hopeful forecasts of Bitcoin’s success in the next 24 months abound, there are also cautions of a substantial downturn.

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