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NYC Woman Sentenced for Funding Terrorists with Bitcoin


A woman from New York got 18 years of imprisonment for her role in washing away $12,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) that funded a Syrian terrorist cell.

A jury in the State of New York found 44-year-old Victoria Jacobs, known as Bakhrom Talipov, guilty of funding terrorists via bitcoins and sentenced her to 18 years in prison. According to the news release from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Jacobs had been “fully immersed in online terrorist ecosystems” and was described as essentially laundering and raising thousands of dollars for the terrorist groups in Syria.


“From the safety of her Manhattan apartment, she enabled these groups to access our city’s financial markets in order to help further their mission.”

District Attorney Alvin Bragg


The jury convicted Jacobs of three felonies—conspiracy, money laundering, and criminal possession of a firearm—and three counts of providing support for an act of terrorism. It was stated in the press release that Jacobs laundered the sum of $12,000 from the supporters across the world with the use of Bitcoin wallets under the control of Malhama Tactical. He sent more than $6,000 to this terrorist group, and the funds were received by cryptocurrency and wire transfers (Western Union and MoneyGram).

As per the news release, Jacobs not only sent cryptos but also furnished a U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook to a web-based group linked to the terrorist organization so that they could use it to make explosives in Syria, and he bought Google Play gift cards for them. Moreover, the prosecution produced evidence that Jacobs, pretending to be a ‘brother’ who worked ‘behind enemy lines,’ was looking for prayers to have enough courage, strength, and guidance to conduct certain missions on a certain online forum.

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