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Offer to Cardano Community from Charles Hoskinson

Cardano (Ada)

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, presented an unusual offer to the Cardano community. Hoskinson discussed the potential to transform Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into a “Cardano Public Chain” with Cardano’s advanced blockchain technologies.

Hoskinson’s proposal aims to increase Bitcoin Cash’s functionality as a proof-of-work chain by integrating it with Cardano‘s technological features. Currently, more than 10,000 votes have been cast to determine whether the proposal is supported by the community, with 65% supporting the proposal.

Bitcoin Cash started as a fork from the original Bitcoin protocol and aimed to address scalability issues by increasing the cryptocurrency block size. Despite well-known supporters such as Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Cash community continues to actively work on projects aimed at increasing the usability and adoption of the network.

Hoskinson’s interest stems from his curiosity about the current status and future projections of Bitcoin Cash. Hoskinson expressed his curiosity on this topic, calling on the community to share details of ongoing projects and priorities in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

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