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OKX Launches Ethereum Layer-2 Platform X Layer


OKX, a prominent centralized crypto exchange, has unveiled its Ethereum-based zero-knowledge Layer 2 network, X Layer, on the public mainnet. Leveraging the Polygon Chain Development Kit, X Layer aims to serve as a crucial infrastructure component for the Web3 ecosystem.

Haider Rafique, CMO of OKX, envisions X Layer as the highway infrastructure of the Web3 world, facilitating seamless interaction between decentralized applications (dApps) and self-hosted wallets. The network’s launch follows a successful testnet phase in November, during which over 50 dApps were deployed within a week.

Numerous Web3 and DeFi apps, including The Graph, Curve, LayerZero, QuickSwap, Galxe, and Timeswap, have already integrated with X Layer, capitalizing on its scalability and efficiency. With OKX boasting over 50 million global users, X Layer has a substantial potential user base and access to ample liquidity.

One notable aspect of X Layer is its utilization of OKB, the native token of OKX, to pay transaction fees on the network. This integration enhances the utility and value proposition of OKB within the OKX ecosystem.

With OKX consistently ranking as one of the top crypto exchanges by trading volume, X Layer’s launch signifies a significant step towards mass adoption of Layer 2 solutions and broader accessibility to decentralized applications and DeFi protocols.

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