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$2.44 T

OKX Lists New AI-Focused Altcoin!

Okx, X Layer, Defi

Leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced the listing of a new altcoin.

In an announcement on its official website on May 31, OKX stated that it will list Ultiverse (ULTI), the cryptocurrency of the AI-focused game development platform.

Stating that deposit transactions started today at 06:00 AM (GMT+3), OKX announced that it will open ULTI for spot trading with the ULTI/USDT trading pair on June 6 at 1:00 PM.

OKX also stated that ULTI withdrawal transactions will start on June 7 at 1:00 PM. According to the statement, ULTI’s total supply is 10 billion, but it is not clear how much of it will be included in the market.

OKX also made a risk warning, emphasizing that some data is obtained from third parties and not from their own side.

Ultiverse is an AI-focused game creation and publishing platform. Designing its ecosystem to change gaming experiences, Ultiverse offers various tools that optimize development, interaction, and technological integration across different blockchains.

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