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OrdinalsBot Secures $3 Million Seed Funding to Fuel Bitcoin Inscriptions Ecosystem


Ordinals infrastructure platform OrdinalsBot announced securing over $3 million in seed funding to bolster opportunities within the expanding Bitcoin ecosystem, as per a statement shared with CryptoSlate on March 26.

The funding round, spearheaded by DACM, saw significant contributions from Eden Block and Nural Capital, with notable participation from WWVentures, Lightning Ventures, and Oak Grove Ventures.

With this latest injection, OrdinalsBot’s total funding now stands at $4.5 million, having previously raised over $1 million for its pre-seed phase.

Launched last year amidst growing interest in the Ordinals protocol, OrdinalsBot has since developed a suite of products facilitating the creation and management of Bitcoin inscriptions and BRC-20 tokens.

The platform aims to utilize the fresh capital to expand opportunities within the Ordinals and broader Bitcoin ecosystem, particularly by scaling up its team, especially the development division, to pioneer solutions empowering users and developers alike.

Toby Lewis, co-founder of OrdinalsBot, highlighted the platform’s evolution from an automated inscription service to a multifaceted endeavor, expressing confidence that the support from new investors will accelerate Bitcoin’s growth as the world’s largest and most decentralized blockchain.

Brian Laughlan, another co-founder, emphasized Bitcoin’s central role in decentralized finance and OrdinalsBot’s contribution to establishing data infrastructure on the Bitcoin blockchain.

DACM CEO Richard Galvin praised OrdinalsBot’s commitment to innovation in Bitcoin’s ordinal inscriptions, citing its involvement in mining the largest BTC block to date and recording three of the top ten BTC inscriptions last month.

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