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Ore Project Creator Urges Solana Foundation for Testnet Incentives

Solana Foundation

While the Solana network is facing a recent period of congestion, Hardhat Chad, who is the creator of the Ore project, proposed that the Solana Foundation itself increase the incentives in exchange for testnet adoption. The proposal observed a critical time for Solana, when it suffered from transaction errors up to 75%.

Chad Calls for SOL Token Rewards to Boost Solana Testnet Activity

With his work on Ore, Chad approves of the need for active participation in testing by the team in order to get the full capacity of the platform and identify the problems. In his latest post on the X social platform, Mr. Smith proposed that the Solana Foundation should consider token incentivization, where users get SOL tokens for their participation in testnet activities.

The response of the community to Chad’s proposal has been a mixture of support and criticism. Although there are some support takers, underived from TheSoftwareJedi advice, Chad has to be careful to focus on ore building and establish a good reputation in the foundations. Yet Chad stated that investment in testnet tools wasn’t his intention for Ore but rather to develop a currency, contrary to his aim to fight fraud. Thus, he is resetting incentives or redefining the good measure.

To strengthen the course for Ore v2, which is focused on sustainability and the project’s dedication to searching for viable distribution channels, this shift is made. Launched on Solana, Ore takes the WPoW (the abbreviations for PoW amount bates questioned) approach, upgrading the PoS (upgrading PoS here is not necessary) and Solana’s fast transaction capabilities.

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On the one hand, Ore is one of the main contributors to the Solana’s congestion, but his case, among others, highlights the scaling complications of the blockchain as a whole. For this purpose, the developers of Solana have recently released their mainnet beta update, version 1.17.31, which incorporates additional functionality designed to minimize congestion. Besides, the next version is supposed to include amendments to provide effective solutions to the problems of the network.

As Solana, Ore, and a number of other projects face the complexities of cryptography scalability, the issues regarding the testnet incentives clearly demonstrate that community engagement and collaboration are crucial in addressing the above-mentioned challenges.

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