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Binance CEO Richard Teng Answers Our Questions at TOKEN2049 Dubai


TOKEN2049, bringing together the global crypto ecosystem, took place in Dubai this year with thousands of attendees. The event, considered one of the premier gatherings in the global Web3 and crypto community, saw the participation of Coin Mühendisi team from Turkey.

Key topics at the event included decentralized artificial intelligence, Web3 games, DeFi, and blockchain scalability. Turkey, rapidly emerging as a growing market in terms of interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies, was well represented by numerous individuals and organizations.

At TOKEN2049, Mert Özsarp, co-founder of Coin Mühendisi, conducted an interview with Richard Teng, the newly appointed CEO of Binance. Teng emphasized Turkey’s significant position in the crypto sector and Binance’s dedication to its Turkish users.

Teng attributed Binance’s success to its user-centric approach, acknowledging the competitive landscape among crypto exchanges. He highlighted Binance’s commitment to prioritize user interests in every decision, which he believes sets the company apart.

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Expressing optimism about the future of cryptocurrency, Teng affirmed Binance’s continued leadership role in the field. He also mentioned Binance’s efforts to support interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem, underscoring the company’s readiness to embrace developments that enhance user experience.

Highlighting Binance’s special focus on Turkish users, Teng acknowledged Turkey’s vibrant and active crypto community, noting its higher adoption rate compared to many other countries. He assured that Binance will continue to address the needs and concerns of Turkish users promptly and strive to keep them satisfied.

You can read the full interview below.

How did you feel when you found out you were the new CEO of Binance? What are your future plans for Binance?

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“It’s a big responsibility to take over as CEO of Binance from CZ. As I said when I first arrived, I made 3 promises to this great company, the first of which is to always make Binance user-centric. The security of users and funds, the convenience of use, and the trust our users have in us is always my top priority. Secondly, we want to accelerate our compliance with global regulations and we want to be the first in this area. We are currently the most regulated cryptocurrency exchange. I would like to state here today that we have already received our full license in Dubai. Finally, we will continue to support increasing crypto acceptance. Currently, crypto acceptance is 5 percent in the world. We will continue our work to support and increase this.”

Competition among crypto exchanges is fierce, with Binance always coming out on top of the data. What is your secret?

“Binance has always prioritized its users, which has been a tradition since its inception. When we make any decision, we evaluate it from the perspective of our users. If the decision will contribute to our users’ funds and trading, we will take it into effect.”

What do you see as the future trends in crypto, and how does Binance position itself at this point?

“This is a difficult topic because crypto is changing so fast. We are looking at what we can do as Binance. As the market is going, we are in favor of the rise. We foresee that regulations will become more important in the future. Developments such as having even more investment options for investors with ETFs are also important developments for the market to be on an upward trend. The fact that ETFs are not only limited to the US but also in Asia Pacific and Hong Kong shows us that the next 5 years will pass much faster in terms of crypto.”

The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly entering the era of interoperability. What are the steps Binance is taking to support this movement?

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Binance is essentially an exchange and we support every Blockchain at this point because all of these developments are very important moves for the industry to move forward. As I said before, if the new developments are something that will add ease of use for our users, we always try to support it.”

We believe that the adoption of Turkish users in crypto has a very important role to play for both Binance and crypto. Can you elaborate on their role and importance for crypto and Binance?

“Turkey is a very important, active and vibrant community in crypto. When we look at the adoption in Turkey, we can see that it is further ahead than many countries. People are very open-minded in turning to different investment instruments. Crypto adoption in Turkey is close to 40 percent and this is quite high compared to many countries and regions. We will continue to work to solve your needs and problems very quickly and keep them happy.”

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