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Overlai Launches Beta Mobile App and Adobe Plugin on Aptos Blockchain

Aptos Blockchain, Aptos

Overlai, a platform based on safeguarding digital and intellectual property rights, has announced the beta release of its mobile app and Adobe plugin on the Aptos blockchain.

Advanced Digital Protection Technology

Scanning media and imprinting its metadata with an “invisible watermark,” the system operates on the Aptos blockchain, which then records this invisible watermark, offering an unchangeable ownership record.

Project spokespeople clarified that regardless of how many times the media is compressed, recorded via screenshots, or converted, ownership stays constant wherever the media is posted online or otherwise.

Co-founder and Overlai CEO Luke Neumann said the company wants to be a one-stop shop for digital age copyright and other intellectual property protection:

“This platform should establish a new benchmark for provenance, royalty payments, and ingredient tracking. Our relationship with Aptos is vital, and their knowledge in this field has been applied to use blockchain technology as a vital part of the future of online content.”

Safeguarding Against AI Scraping

Overlai’s aim revolves mostly around shielding artists and creatives from artificial intelligence scraping—a technique whereby artificially intelligent programs and algorithms scan the internet using media to teach the AI.

“Overlai’s end-to-end decentralized infrastructure will enable creators to opt-in or opt-out of AI training, facilitating the next phase of ethically sourced models,” Neumann said.

Before exploiting their intellectual property for AI training purposes, AI operators usually do not get the approval of the creators, royalty holders, or stakeholders of a piece of media or intellectual property; so, AI training methods are involuntary.

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With a “do not train” C2PA manifest as always-on, blanket protection to deter AI-scouting bots from exploiting the protected media for training or content generation purposes, Overlai’s solutions purportedly reject AI scraping.

Empowering Content Creators

The chief technical officer of Aptos Labs, Avery Ching, reflected Neumann’s opinion and underlined the need to safeguard material creators. “It’s so important to make sure creators can retain ownership over their assets and feel empowered by artificial intelligence rather than inhibited by it,” Ching added.

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