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Penalty to 10 Bitcoin Mining Companies in Indonesia!

The North Sumatra region of Indonesia has accused those organizing multiple Bitcoin mining operations in an operation conducted by the police of approximately $1 million worth of electricity theft. As part of the operation, 1,134 Bitcoin mining machines, 11 meters of electrical cable, and computer equipment were seized. The total loss is estimated to be 14.4 billion Indonesian rupiahs.
Those leading the operation were mentioned to have tampered with electrical circuits to provide power for Bitcoin mining. Agung Setya İmam Efendi, Chief of Police of North Sumatra in Indonesia, stated about the electricity theft, “They took the upper part where electricity is directly taken from the pole and channeled inside.”
This development comes after a government official in China was sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly facilitating access to electricity for Bitcoin miners. It is reported that Yi Xiao operated Bitcoin mining between 2017 and 2021, amounting to 2.4 billion Chinese yuan (329 million dollars), consuming 10% of the entire electricity supply of the city of Fuzhou.

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