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Phoenix Global (PHB): A Look at the AI-Powered Platform

Phoenix Global (Phb)

Phoenix Global (PHB) is a blockchain infrastructure platform designed for decentralized artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven Web3 applications, and computation scaling. It was formed in October 2020 through the merger of APEX Network and Red Pulse Phoenix.

Key Features

  • Layer 1 and Layer 2 architecture: Enables scalable and secure blockchain applications.
  • AI Computation Layer (SkyNet): Provides infrastructure for scaling AI tasks and deploying AI-powered applications.
  • Data Oracle: Securely interacts with off-chain data for on-chain applications.
  • PHB Token: Native cryptocurrency used for transactions and services within the Phoenix Global ecosystem.

Phoenix Global (PHB)

Apex Technologies, formerly known as Chinapex, is the company responsible for developing the Apex Network, a blockchain-based platform and ecosystem designed to address the challenges faced by businesses in their B2C (business-to-consumer) interactions. The platform empowers customers by allowing them to take control of their data instead of depending on third-party data holders.

Apex Network was a decentralized exchange (DEX) that provided a transfer of assets within the ecosystem through a two-way peg between sidechain tokens and mainnet CPX (Apex’s native token). The mainnet of Apex Network used a Dpos (Delegated-Proof-Of-Stake) consensus mechanism, while proof-of-stake was the consensus mechanism of choice for the sidechains. Supernodes, also known as Delegates, were required to hold a minimum amount of Apex Network’s CPX tokens before they could be eligible to be voted. Once they achieved Supernode status, they had the following responsibilities:

1) aggregation of transactions across the main network into blocks

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2) validation of transactions by signing and broadcasting the blocks

3) helping to resolve consensus issues in a democratic manner.

In June 2019 Apex Network announced the launch of their initial mainnet technology. In October 2020 APEX Network and Red Pulse Phoenix merged into Phoenix Global.

History and Background

  • APEX Network: Focused on B2C interactions and empowered users to control their data.
  • Red Pulse Phoenix Global (PHB): Blockchain-based intelligence platform for China’s economy and capital markets.
  • Merger: Created Phoenix Global (PHB) in October 2020 with a focus on AI and Web3.


  • Computation Layer: Supports scaling AI tasks like deep learning, large language models, and federated learning.
  • Layer 1: Enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible blockchain for data-centric and computationally intensive applications.
  • Oracle: Secure data exchange between on-chain and off-chain environments.

Ecosystem and DApps of Phoenix Global (PHB)

  • AlphaNet: AI-driven platform for retail and independent traders to optimize their trading strategies.
  • Nybl: Metaverse project powered by Phoenix Global (PHB), utilizing AI for video and image processing.

Strategic Partnerships

  • APEX Tech, FLC, Tensor Investment Corporation: Collaborate on technology development.
  • Alchemy Pay: Enables fiat on-ramp for easier access to Phoenix Global (PHB) services.
  • and JDT: Partnership for leveraging AI technologies and computing resources.

Investors of Phoenix Global (PHB)

  • Major investors include Binance, Tencent Cloud, ByteDance, Alibaba Cloud, and others.

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