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Poloniex Decides to Restart Deposit and Withdrawal Operations

Poloniex, announced that it will be reinstating deposit operations with TRX, the cryptocurrency of Justin Sun’’s Tron blockchain, on November 30th.

The cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex decided to gradually reinstate deposit and withdrawal operations to prioritize the security of user funds after the 100 million dollar attack that occurred on November 10th.

On November 29th, Poloniex announced on Twitter that they will be gradually starting deposit and withdrawal services at 2:00 (UTC) on November 30th. The exchange will activate deposit and withdrawal operations, particularly in the first stage, and will make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available in the next two weeks.

Poloniex also mentioned that it continued its work for new listings to be made available in the near future, and warned users that unless they follow these steps and use the updated deposit addresses, funds will not be transferred to their accounts. The exchange apologized for any possible inconvenience in this regard and expressed its appreciation for the understanding of its users.

In the same announcement, Poloniex, stated that there is an airdrop plan for users who have assets on the platform. The airdrop campaign developed in collaboration with HTX DAO is planned to start in December and the calculation of asset balances is planned to take place on December 1st. Tron’’s founder Justin Sun, had announced the airdrop plan earlier on November 24th.

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