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Pulsr: Your Personalized Web3 NFT Discovery Engine


Pulsr stands as Web3’s premier NFT distributed discovery ecosystem, bridging on-chain creators and collectors to the next stage of the internet evolution.

What is Pulsr?

Pulsr is a leading NFT discovery platform designed to connect creators and collectors in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. Their mission is to revolutionize NFT discoverability by offering a more user-centric approach for the new generation of artists, collectors, and NFT marketplaces. Pulsr achieves this through cutting-edge research & development in design, culture, systems, and user experience.

How Does Pulsr Work?

Pulsr leverages advanced AI technology to power its search functionality. Here’s a breakdown of what Pulsr offers:

AI-powered Search: Pulsr goes beyond basic keyword searches. It analyzes the natural language of your queries and delivers personalized results based on its extensive library of AI-optimized NFTs from a vast pool of onchain artists.

Enhanced NFT Discoverability: Pulsr utilizes AI to boost the visibility of NFTs across the Web3 ecosystem. Through AI-powered search engine optimization (SEO), Pulsr improves the metadata for existing and newly minted NFTs. Their computer vision AI scans NFTs and generates metadata labels, optimizing them for search within Pulsr and the broader Web3 space.

Unified Metadata Standards: Pulsr eliminates the confusion caused by multiple, fragmented metadata standards across the NFT landscape. They aggregate data from various chains and media formats into a consistent format, ensuring your NFT’s information is always up-to-date.

Pulsr’s Features

Pulsr offers a range of features for both casual users and serious NFT enthusiasts:

Free to Use: Anyone can explore the Pulsr platform for free. To personalize your experience further, you can create a profile and connect your wallet. This unlocks features like bookmarking NFTs and receiving recommendations tailored to your interests.

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Curated NFT Showcase: With Pulsr’s curation tools, you can present your multichain NFT collection in a visually appealing format.

AI-powered Similar Image Search: Can’t quite describe the NFT you’re looking for in words? Pulsr’s innovative Similar Image Search allows you to upload an inspiring image and find similar NFTs across various chains, encompassing art, music, photography, and more.

Supported Chains and Multimedia Formats

Chains: Currently, Pulsr supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos. They’re actively expanding their reach and will be integrating Solana, Bitcoin, and other EVM-compatible chains in the coming months.

Multimedia Formats: Pulsr caters to a diverse range of creative formats, fostering connections between creators and collectors. Supported formats include PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, APNG, M4V, WEBP, MOV, WEBM, MP3, WAV, and GLB.

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