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QuickNode Announces Support for Xrp Ledger!

QuickNode announced that it has added support for Xrp Ledger.

Positive reactions came from the crypto community after QuickNode announced support for XRP Ledger.

The company has added Xrp, Ledger as support for users using its platform. Thus, it announced that it made local and international payments more efficient and regular.

Significant Partnership for XRP Ledger with QuickNode 

In the statement, XRP made LEDGER support available to developers using the platform. After this statement, it was stated that the aim presented was to make fast, transparent, cost-effective institutional-level financials using crypto and blockchain technology.

The company stated that XRP will have the use of services such as tokenization, DEFI, and stablecoins.

You can read our blog post about the Ledger Recover feature, which has been a hit with Ledger users before, and learn more.


QuickNode is a company that enables users to make payments faster, more secure, and more cost-effective using proven crypto and blockchain technology.

In addition, the company’s valuation reached $800 million, with an additional $60 million in investment in the company’s B round investment in January. Dan Tapiero’s 10T Holding and Tapiero joined QuickNode’s board of directors.

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Also among these investors are companies such as Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Six, and Protocol Labs.

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