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Radworks (RAD): Internet Freedom

Radworks (Rad)

Radworks is a community dedicated to improving internet freedom. Emphasizing the increased importance of maintaining the resilience and health of the free and open-source ecosystem in a world based almost entirely on software, Radworks aims to demonstrate the applicability of open-source software and its development in terms of cost, labor, quality, and durability.

Radworks functions as a network managed by the community and uses both on-chain and off-chain management mechanisms to make decisions as a community.

Radworks supports the creation of censorship-resistant and decentralized technologies by providing funding support for new, robust, permissionless technologies to improve internet freedom.

Radworks currently has two projects:

  • Radicle
  • Drips

What is Radicle?

Radworks (Rad)

Radicle is an open-source platform created for software developers to execute projects together. The Radicle network allows users to connect in a P2P (peer-to-peer) manner. It aims to be a decentralized alternative to platforms like GitHub.

For all the details you wonder about Radicle, click here and do not forget to check out our article titled “What is Radicle? What Does It Do?”

What is Drips?

Drips is a funding mechanism designed to support open-source software developers. By providing a continuous revenue stream to critical software projects in the Radworks ecosystem, Drips aims to increase the sustainability and resilience of these projects.

How Does Radworks Work?

Radworks consists of organizations. Organizations represent different participant groups funded from the treasury. To obtain funding, organizations pass their annual budget proposals through Radworks management. It serves Radworks’ purpose by building technologies for developers who improve internet freedom.

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All organizations have the right to choose their management models, manage their funds, and operate their organizations. Each organization must participate in community meetings held every three months and report their progress in the targets specified in the annual financing proposals to the community.

Currently, Radworks is financing four different organizations:

  • Radicle
  • Drips
  • Better Internet Foundation
  • Grants



What is Radworks (RAD)?

RAD is the native cryptocurrency of the Radworks ecosystem. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, RAD is used in the governance and functionality of the protocol.

As of the writing of the post, it’s trading at a level of $2.40. The total supply is 99,998,580 and the circulating supply is 51,555,980 RAD.

RAD is traded on exchanges such as Binance,, Bitget. If you still do not have an account on these exchanges, you can click here to access life-long commission discount registration links valid on the exchanges.

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