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Renowned Economist Reveals Bullish Conditions and Names Altcoin with “At Least” 15x Potential


Trading legend and macroeconomist Henrik Zeberg has made striking comments about an altcoin, sharing his 15x target.

In a Twitter statement, economist Zeberg said that the dollar’s loss of strength would bring new life to the cryptocurrency market.

The economist also stated that low bond yields in the US and the dollar’s appreciation against other fiat currencies have created an excellent environment for the rise of risk assets like cryptocurrencies.

Revealing the Altcoin

Zeberg, who is eyeing JasmyCoin (JASMY) to be included in the cryptocurrency rally, stated that the third wave is being experienced in crypto.

Zeberg stated that the next stage will come towards the summer as the dollar index (DXY) falls, and it will find support in the fall.

The economist also shared that JASMY could be as low as $0.3 for him, but he wants it to go higher.

Considering that JASMY is currently trading at around $0.02 according to CoinGecko data, the economist expects a minimum 15x performance.

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