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Response from Coinbase Exchange to U.S. Senator!


Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has denied allegations made by Senator Elizabeth Warren that it has thwarted regulations towards digital assets by employing former government officials. It’s Chief Policy Officer Faryar Shirzad stated in his announcement, “Coinbase is not thwarting regulations, on the contrary, it defends regulatory measures in the crypto sector.”

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Shirzad characterized Warren’s accusations as “false and deliberately misleading statement“. He emphasized that Coinbase’s employment of government personnel is aimed at protecting the safety of crypto users in America.

In Senator Warren’s letter, referring to It’s Global Advisory Council, she said, “The misuse of the revolving door is terrifying“. However, Coinbase argued that the expansion of the council is part of a broader initiative with national security experts.

It is indicated that Coinbase’s efforts to strengthen its regulatory policies continue, and its active participation in the legislative processes in the crypto sector continues.


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