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REvil Affiliate “Rabotnik” Sentenced to 13 Years for Cybercrime Spree


Once sentenced by the judge, Yaroslav Vasinskyi, also known by a criminal pseudonym as Rabotnik, will serve 13 years and 7 months in jail over a series of cyber crimes he participated in. As an affiliate of notorious Evil ransomware gang, Rabotnik had a significant role in over 2,500 ransomware attacks, with ransom demands that sometimes exceed $700 million.

Global Cooperation in Justice

The Department of Justice in its announcement on Wednesday reported the facts about Rabotnik’s activities and the consequences of those actions. “Also charged against Rabotnik, 24, is a restitution liability of around $16 million,” stated the release emphasizing the financial consequence.

Rabotnik’s struggle for justice started with his extradition from Poland to the United States. In the face of an 11-count indictment, he ultimately pleaded guilty, admitting to participation in numerous cybercrimes against his knowledge, including fraud, computer damage and money laundering.

International Efforts against Ransomware

Through this sentencing, we have the privilege of witnessing a turning point in the relentless fight against ransomware groups which was started by U.S. President Joe Biden in November 2021. The determination of the administration was greatly strengthened after REvil launched their obscene demand for $70 million in bitcoin, after they had compromised Kaseya, which is a software provider based in Miami.

The takedown of REvil in March 2022 by the Russian authorities, which showcased the significance of international cooperation in curbing these cyber threats, is a testimony to this fact. The attorney general, Merrick B. Garland, focused on the collective effort in this regard by pointing out that the Justice Department in collaboration with its international partners is using all tools at its disposal to track the cybercriminals down, seize their proceeds, and hold them accountable for the crimes they commit.

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Financial Repercussions

Rabotnik’s sentence also involves substantial financial burden. Besides his prison sentence, he has been ordered to pay a restitution depicting the fact that the DOJ is determined to trace and recover ill-gotten assets. The Department’s previous actions, including the seizure of 38 BTC and $6 million worth of ransom funds, illustrate its proactive attitude towards disbanding cybercrime activities and minimizing their effects.

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