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Ripple’s Strategic Shift: Expanding Beyond the US Market


Ripple’s growth strategy for the inflation of three years was revealed during the detailed interview with CEO Brad Garlinghouse on FOX Business. To solve the fascinating issue of the control system, mainly in the USA, the strategy implies that it will grow into many overseas regions and launch a new stablecoin US dollar-backed product that will strengthen its position in the world cryptocurrency market.

The Future of Ripple: A Stablecoin Revolution

Ripple is growing outside the US, but it will not surpass its international markets (95% of customers are international), where it is most profitable. This strategic shift addresses the problem of slower U.S. market adoption due to more complex and stringent regulations. Garlinghouse highlights the rise of these non-traditional markets and their contribution to the company’s global growth. The corporation might roll out a stablecoin that would be backed by the US dollar to grow. With a stablecoin market of $150 billion, which is likely to grow very fast, the bank created a new foreign currency. Garlinghouse proclaimed that he is seeking to merge old-school banking and bleeding-edge crypto use to create a secure, regulated global access mechanism.

Ripple makes use of XRP, the payment system of a start-up. Garlinghouse was bullish about XRP but pointed out that Ripple brand success is based on a broader set of solutions. The use of XRP in global payments and transfers enables Ripple to maintain its position in the digital currency landscape.

All this falls under the desire of Ripple to make its infrastructure a robust system in the entire financial industry worldwide; thus, XRP is being sustained.

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