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Rise In Announces Acquisition of BlockBeam!


Rise In, a renowned education platform in the Web3 world, known for training more than 200,000 Web2 developers, has announced the acquisition of BlockBeam.

The company has not disclosed the details of this acquisition yet, but we know that the company intends to perform substantial work for the US and primarily concentrate on developments.

Last week, they published a report on their channels highlighting increased interest in blockchain and web3 technologies among universities. The purchase of BlockBeam by Rise In could be seen as significant development confirming this increased interest.

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BlockBeam is one of America’s largest education technology platforms. This merger will certainly contribute to increasing university students’ knowledge of web3 technologies.

The training programs on the platform range from basic information about blockchain technologies to technical courses like Solidity, Rust, and Substrate. Developers have filled them with all the free courses and bootcamps they offer.

Moreover, they continuously expand their content by collaborating with leading organizations such as Solana, BNB Chain, Polkadot, Sui, Internet Computer, and Ethereum Foundation.

With Rise In’s acquisition of BlockBeam, about a thousand Web3 developers will join the platform. Thanks to the partnership, the company will also be able to reach its existing university partners.

Rise In and BlockBeam, by combining their strengths, aim to encourage any developer to learn Web3 and make a career in this field.

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