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SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Speaks About Cryptocurrencies!


SEC Chairman Gary Gensler spoke to CNBC about cryptocurrencies.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler spoke about cryptocurrencies after the Robinhood move. Bitcoin rose above $65,000 yesterday as it started the new week positively.

However, it fell to $63,000 after the news that the SEC sent a Wells Notice to the US-based cryptocurrency platform Robinhood.

While the SEC-Robinhood move remains hot on the agenda, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler spoke to CNBC’s Andrew Sorkin.

Answering the questions, Gensler said:

“Many cryptocurrencies are securities under the law. However, investors are not given the explanations they need.

“Cryptocurrencies continue to be a big part of fraud, fraud and problems in general.”

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