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SEC Charges Terraform Labs and Do Kwon with $4 Billion Fraud

Sec Terraform

Charges have been pressed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission against Terraform Labs and its CEO Do Kwon. The SEC alleges that they stole over $4 billion using unregistered token sales. LUNA and UST are widely known cryptocurrency tokens.

In 2022, when UST lost its peg to the US dollar, the value of algorithmically issued UST fell by $40 billion in market price. The legal team of Terraform repudiated the allegations of the SEC and agreed to pay a penalty of $5.3 billion.

Terraform Lawyers Dispute SEC Charges in Fraud Case

The disagreement climaxed on April 5, 2024, when Terraform and Kwon were declared guilty of fraud by a New York jury. The final day of the two-week trial may see punishment for the cryptocurrency sector.

Still, Terraform lawyers think that most UST stablecoin sales took place outside the USA. They argue that the SEC hasn’t demonstrated a connection between Terraform’s small U.S. operation and the substantial financial losses.

The SEC asks for financial metrics following the reference, claiming that they will define a business model. As has been mentioned, the commission recommended unambiguous and efficient language concerning wrongdoing in relation to cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, Terraform lawyers assert that the penalty is excessive and that it cannot be justified, suggesting that the clients should be awarded $1 million in monetary compensation.

The defense of Terraform is based on its global economic expansion. On May 1, 2024, Terraform attorneys replied, saying that the SEC lacked power and evidence. They mostly argued that the majority of transactions took place outside of US territory and did not deserve that much punishment.

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The defense counsel contended that everything was done in Korea and Singapore. He emphasized that his role in allied actions would have the most unpredictable effect on U.S. actions. Terraform was quick to disrupt the SEC’s story in yet another filing. The lawyers of the firm criticized the SEC for failing to provide any proof involving the suspected ones and the huge losses it indicated.

SEC Stresses Crypto Compliance in Fraud Case Ruling

Gurbir Grewal, SEC Enforcement Division head, welcomed the court’s finding. Grewal reiterated the need for crypto industry compliance and noted the recent investor losses. He said that the decision is vital for the designer of a regulatory framework that rewards those who serve the public good and discourages bad actors.

This judicial decision shows that the US cryptocurrency business is being carefully researched and regulated. If the retrial yields an undetermined verdict, it will affect Terraform Labs’ operations and how other crypto companies interact with and comply with the regulatory regime, particularly international operations.

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