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SEC Decision Could Impact the Bitcoin Market

It may attract your attention:

Fidelity Global Macro Strategist Jurrien Timmer warned that the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs could bring both upside and downside to the market. Timmer evaluated how this decision could impact the market.

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Fidelity executive Jurrien Timmer urged caution among investors with his comments on how the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs could impact the market. Timmer emphasized that the decision could trigger both upward and downward movements in the market, advising investors to be prepared for this scenario.

Timmer warned investors that the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs could trigger not only an uptrend but also a downtrend in the market. He highlighted the difficulty of predicting how the decision would impact the market.

Timmer distinguished between short-term “sell the news” traders and long-term Bitcoin holders, stating that many long-term investors did not attach too much importance to the decision.

He mentioned that major players are showing interest in Bitcoin futures contracts and are awaiting the SEC’s decision in this regard. Timmer pointed out the possibility of major players selling futures contracts and transitioning to the spot market, emphasizing the potential for two-way price volatility in the market.

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