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SEC is appealing the decision given for Ripple (XRP) !

sec ripple

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided to file an interim appeal against the verdict in the Ripple Labs case.

SEC Appeals Ripple Labs Case Ruling

The SEC’s interim appeal comes almost a month after Judge Analisa Torres issued her ruling. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to challenge the court ruling from July in the Ripple Labs case was based on the determination that they did not consider the sale of XRP to retail investors as a security.

In a letter dated August 9th sent to Judge Analisa Torres, the SEC stated that it believes an appellate court should review the decision. During the appeals process, the SEC requested a suspension of the case and pointed out that the outcome of the appeal could affect several other court cases. The SEC has legal disputes with various cryptocurrency companies, including Binance and Coinbase, over alleged securities violations.

sec binance

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The SEC justified the interim appeal based on two significant legal issues. Moreover, these issues involve complex legal questions and encompass a wide area with a range of diverse opinions. Furthermore, a jurisdictional split within the region had already starkly highlighted these differences. Therefore, the SEC firmly asked the court to confirm its decision that Ripple’s programmed XRP offerings and individual sales on cryptocurrency exchanges were not to be classified as securities. Additionally, the SEC mentioned the judge’s ruling in the Terraform Labs case, where the judge suggested that cryptocurrencies sold on crypto exchanges could be regarded as securities.

Recent Developments in Ripple’s Legal Battle with the SEC

The presentation of the SEC’s letter followed a recent period during which Ripple secured a partial victory in its dispute with the SEC over the security status of XRP. This development took place nearly a month ago. Judge Torres explicitly declared that the XRP token itself does not hold the classification of security. However, she clarified that they could consider the sale of XRP tokens as a security under specific circumstances, particularly when they target institutional investors, but not when they sell to retail investors on exchanges.

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