% 0.09
BTC Dominance:
% 0.09
Market Cap:
$2.37 T
% 0.16
Fear & Greed:
60 / 100
$ 64.996
BTC Dominance:
% 54.2
Market Cap:
$2.37 T

Sloth on the Rise: Solana Meme Coin PLERF Surges 2100%


A new player has entered the meme coin arena, and it’s moving fast. PLERF, a recently launched Solana-based token, has experienced a staggering 2100% surge in trading volume, reaching $4.32 million. This rapid growth is accompanied by an impressive price increase of 88% in a single day and a staggering 248% jump over the past week. At the time of writing, PLERF is trading at $0.004014, having reached an all-time high of $0.005991 before experiencing a slight correction of 27%.

What is PLERF?

PLERF is a meme coin built on the Solana blockchain and takes inspiration from sloths. It positions itself as the successor to SLERF, another meme coin that garnered significant attention upon launch, generating a trading volume of 2.41 billion in its first 24 hours.

Why PLERF Is Trading In The Market?

PLERF’s recent launch and low initial value as a meme coin have made it relatively easier to attract attention from investors. However, its susceptibility to market fluctuations and evolving trends cannot be overlooked. Despite occasional dips, the token continues to surge toward new highs.

Moreover, PLERF bears similarities to SLERF, a previously dominant meme coin that has experienced a recent downturn. Given PLERF’s marketing positioning it as the next iteration of SLERF, investors are flocking to participate in the network, eager not to miss out on the initial surge they may have overlooked with SLERF.

Currently, SLERF boasts over 75,000 holders, $129 in liquidity, and has garnered significant investor attention, with a market cap of approximately $247,686,968 and a trading volume of $276,790,371. Investors are optimistic that PLERF will follow a similar trajectory and evolve into a highly profitable meme coin.

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However, amidst the broader crypto market’s shift toward a bearish trend, characterized by Bitcoin’s price decline, the fate of a sloth-themed meme coin like PLERF remains uncertain. It could either steadily navigate the market turmoil or face setbacks.

Final Thoughts

While PLERF may replicate SLERF’s success, inherent risks associated with meme coins warrant caution for investors. Given their high-risk nature, investors should exercise prudence when considering investments in such cryptocurrencies.

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