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Southern Cyprus Introduces New Requirements to Crypto Exchanges

Southern Cyprus

The Government of Southern Cyprus, wants to change the current law due to money laundering incidents carried out through cryptocurrency.

▪️ According to this change proposed by the Government of Southern Cyprus, cryptocurrency service providers known as CSPs, including companies trading crypto assets, will have to register with the Southern Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

▪️ This proposed law containing new regulations led to criticisms of the Southern Cyprus Bar Association. The Bar Association questioned why cryptocurrency service providers already registered in other EU member countries need to register again in Southern Cyprus.

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▪️ Also they proposed adding the “Travel Rule” to the law, which requires cryptocurrency service providers to share customer and transaction information.

▪️ If crypto providers do not comply with this rule, they could face serious consequences, which includes a fine of up to 350,000 euros and imprisonment up to five years, or both.

▪️ Cyprus is not the only one that has established rules about cryptocurrencies. Other countries like France and Ireland have also introduced regulations such as imprisonment and significant fines with various sanctions.

▪️ States continuously review and update cryptocurrency regulation laws to keep up with technological developments and maintain financial stability. This process is considered an important factor in shaping the future role of cryptocurrencies in financial systems.

▪️ Crypto investors may not welcome these laws when they view them from a short-term perspective, but they should recognize their utmost importance for long-term considerations.

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