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StaFi Unveils ‘StaFi 2.0’ Upgrade and Rebranding Strategy

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StaFi, the liquidity staking protocol, has unveiled its upgrade and rebranding initiative named ‘StaFi 2.0’, as reported by Foresight News. This strategic move will see StaFi transition from a multi-chain LSD protocol to an LSD Infra Layer, accompanied by a comprehensive brand upgrade.

Under the new token economics, FIS will implement a burning mechanism and introduce additional utilities. In terms of security enhancements, StaFi will now support contract layer security in addition to existing chain security measures. This includes compatibility with various virtual machines such as EVM and WASM, along with supporting frameworks.

StaFi has outlined that the rebranding process will be conducted in phases, commencing in the first quarter of 2024. As part of the transition, the native token FIS will undergo a renaming process, with the new name to be announced at a later date.

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