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Starknet Enhances Cost Efficiency with Dencun Upgrade on Ethereum


Starknet, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is gearing up for significant transaction fee reductions.

The Starknet Foundation is set to roll out optimizations alongside Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, aimed at significantly reducing transaction fees on its Layer 2 network.

The initiative involves the release of Starknet version 0.13.1 today, aligning with EIP-4844 following the launch of Dencun on the mainnet tomorrow. This update will transition Starknet from utilizing the more expensive “calldata” method for data transactions to the cost-effective “blobs” transaction type, paving the way for substantial fee reductions.

Dubbed EIP-4844 or proto-danksharding, blob transactions are scheduled to be activated on the Ethereum mainnet during the Dencun upgrade at epoch 269568 tomorrow at 13:55 UTC.

Blobs will introduce an additional feature to the network, enhancing data availability without disrupting existing Ethereum infrastructure, thereby leading to cheaper transactions across Layer 2 rollups like Starknet.

Diego Oliva, CEO of the Starknet Foundation, emphasized the potential for Dencun to directly lower fees for users on Starknet, attributing this to the platform’s higher proportion of Data Availability costs where savings will be realized.

Optimizing the Prover (Starknet)

In addition to incorporating EIP-4844, the Starknet Foundation aims to enhance its shared prover (SHARP) infrastructure. STARK technology scales by generating a single proof for each block of transactions.

Rather than transmitting every block’s proof to Ethereum, SHARP aggregates numerous proofs and packs them into batches known as “trains.” Starting this week, the size of these trains will gradually increase, leading to a higher number of Starknet transactions jointly verified on Ethereum, as stated in a release.

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In conclusion, Starknet‘s integration of EIP-4844 alongside improvements to its SHARP infrastructure marks a significant step towards enhancing cost efficiency on Ethereum’s Layer 2 network, promising reduced transaction fees and improved scalability for users.

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