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% 0.12
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$2.43 T
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73 / 100
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% 54.3
Market Cap:
$2.43 T

Starknet Distributes Free Tokens! Airdrop??


Starknet is launching the Early Community Member Program to thank those who contributed to its development early. The Foundation has set aside 50 million STRK tokens for those who have made significant contributions to the ecosystem development.

This special program aims to reward individuals who have technically contributed to Starknet, organized activities, and produced brand content. Also individuals and projects who want to participate in the program should apply by indicating their contributions in detail.

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The Starknet Foundation intends to use this opportunity to “Appreciate individuals who have made significant contributions to the Starknet ecosystem in various ways. This is an initiative given as a reward for efforts that greatly affect and positively shape the ecosystem” it says. Additionally, it commits to preserving some tokens in case contributors are missed. However, the program will not be offered in the US or to US citizens.

The token distribution will take place on April 15, 2024. While most of these tokens will be allotted to the Starknet Foundation, 32.9% will be allocated to fundamental contributors and 17% to investors. The ECMP program will be part of the token distribution strategy dedicated to the foundation. Starknet does not define this token distribution as an airdrop.

These developments underscore Starknet’s objective to reward early contributors by building a comprehensive ecosystem. Additionally the Foundation’s step aims to encourage active participants in the ecosystem and ensure Starknet’s successful growth.

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