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Tether CEO Warns Investors About Altcoin Airdrops!

Curve Finance Hacked

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino has warned investors to be wary of altcoin airdrop emails they receive.

In a tweet, Ardoino said that a leading email provider used by crypto companies may have been compromised. He said that he would not share any names until the investigation is complete, but he urged investors to be careful of any altcoin airdrop emails they receive.

“We have received two independent confirmations that a leading vendor used by crypto companies to manage email lists may have been compromised,” Ardoino tweeted. “Please exercise caution with any emails promoting crypto airdrops received in the past 24 hours.”

CoinGecko Co-founder Also Warns

CoinGecko co-founder and COO Bobby Ong also confirmed the warning and urged investors to be careful.

“There is an ongoing supply chain email breach attack targeting an email newsletter vendor right now,” Ong tweeted. **“Many crypto companies may be affected by email blasts of fake token launches. Be cautious with email newsletters in the coming days.

As CoinGecko, we may also be potentially affected and are actively working with our vendor to determine the scope of this breach.

We have seen CoinGecko phishing emails sent from other customer accounts. There is no planned CoinGecko token, so do not fall for phishing emails.”**

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