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The Best Big Data Coins

The relationship between blockchain technology and the big data industry is growing. Blockchain infrastructures enable the more secure and efficient storage, sharing, and analysis of big data. Big data, in turn, helps address the needs of users in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects more accurately.

As a result of this mutually beneficial relationship between blockchain and big data, crypto projects specifically focused on big data have been created. Now, let’s take a closer look at the best of these crypto coins and tokens for big data.


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Top Big Data Coins

Cryptocurrencies of blockchain-based big data projects are called big data coins or tokens. Big data coins are among the most popular types of cryptocurrencies today.

Here are the top 5 big data coins:

1. The Graph (GRT): The Graph does for the blockchain ecosystem what search engines like Google and Yandex do for the internet. It brings together data from multiple blockchain networks and allows developers to access this data. Besides collecting data, The Graph also enables developers to query on the Ethereum (ETH) network. The GRT token, shown as one of the best big data tokens, is used to pay transaction fees on The Graph platform.

2. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN): Ocean Protocol is one of the most popular big data coins. It provides transparent, secure, and open data sharing for individuals and organizations. Ocean Protocol allows data producers to transform their data sets into financial assets. On Ocean Protocol, data producers can securely sell their data on the platform as “datatokens.” The OCEAN token, the native cryptocurrency of Ocean Protocol, is also among the best data tokens.

3. (FET): aims to create an AI-driven decentralized economy. It develops “autonomous economic agents” using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Like other AI and machine learning applications, requires access to big data sources. Therefore, is considered one of the best blockchain-based big data projects.

4. Numerai (NMR): Numerai combines data science with blockchain technology to create a new generation hedge fund aiming to outperform independent indexes and traditional quant funds. The platform allows developers and data scientists to build reliable machine learning models. The NMR token, listed as one of the best data tokens, is the staking token used by Numerai platform’s data scientists.

5. iExec (RLC): Established in 2016, iExec is a decentralized computing platform challenging the traditional cloud computing paradigm. iExec provides tools for anyone looking to create their Web3 marketplace and oracle network. The RLC token (RLC, which stands for “Run on Lots of Computers”) is the cryptocurrency used on the iExec marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell computing assets.

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