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The Justin Sun SEC Case: A Closer Look at the Allegations

Justin Sun Sec

By amending its case against Justin Sun, the SEC has clarified its power concerning his behavior. Sun started Tron. The suit, filed in March 2023, alleges that Sun sold securities without being registered.

The present Justin Sun SEC case is based, in particular, on the large volume of journeys in America that Sun has made from 2017 to 2019. He spent more time every year in the US, visiting such cities as San Francisco, Boston, New York etc.

Sun brought the Tron environment movement to American audiences with a live stream from San Francisco in 2019. Sun united the two communities as part of this livestream and emphasized their common interests by explaining the BTT airdrop and its advantages for TRX holders.

In rebuttal to the legal team of Sun, who had previously argued that the SEC lacked jurisdiction since the activities were carried out on international platforms in overseas transactions, the SEC uses it as evidence that Sun is tied to the U.S. In its initial allegation, the SEC claimed that Sun had created unregistered secondary markets by illegally distributing several billions of TRX and BTT tokens.

Like other actions filed by the SEC, this one also asserts that US securities laws require registration. Moreover, the SEC charges Sun with manipulation of TRX trade volumes.

Lindsey Lohan and other celebrities were earlier compensated by the SEC to promote these tokens. This ongoing enforcement action symbolizes the SEC’s attempts to police U.S. securities laws in the rapidly shifting digital asset market, which centers around cryptocurrency activities.

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