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The Sandbox Announces Magnificent Century NFT Collection!

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Magnificent Century is entering a new era in the digital world with The Sandbox! The Sandbox announced the launch of Magnificent Century, the first NFT collection in Turkey. Here are the details!

Turkish Historical Fiction Series: Magnificent Century

The Turkish historical fiction series, Magnificent Century, which is followed with great interest by more than 500 million people in over 140 countries, is based on the lives of Suleiman the Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan.

Now, Magnificent Century is coming to life on The Sandbox platform. Tims Production announced the launch of the series’ first NFT collection, the Avatar Collection, in collaboration with The Sandbox, one of the leading metaverse platforms in the world.

With this NFT collection, Magnificent Century has become the first Turkish series in The Sandbox metaverse and the second global series after The Walking Dead to feature in this universe.

The First NFT Collection of The Sandbox in Turkey

The Avatar Collection, which is the first NFT collection of the Magnificent Century series, is also the first NFT collection of The Sandbox’s activities in Turkey.

The Magnificent Century Avatar Collection brings the iconic characters and atmosphere of the series to the metaverse. This collection has been specially designed by Tims Productions and The Sandbox to offer a unique experience in the virtual world. Each avatar has been carefully prepared to reflect the richness and splendor of the historical period.

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This limited edition collection of 1500 avatars features characters from the series such as Hürrem Sultan and Suleiman the Magnificent.

Details of the Magnificent Century Avatar Collection

  • The Magnificent Century Avatar Collection consists of 1500 avatars.
  • The game experience event of the collection will start on April 9 and end on May 9.
  • The prize pool of the event includes 50,000 SAND worth $35,000. (You need to have completed the KYC identity verification step in The Sandbox to benefit from the prize.)
  • The public sale price of the items is set at 120 SAND, while the discounted price is set at 90 SAND.
  • The public sale will start on March 13, 2024, and the event will begin on April 9, 2024.

Special Rewards for Avatar Owners

Historical Tour to Istanbul: Five randomly chosen avatar owners will win a two-day historical tour of Istanbul.

Meet the Producer: Twenty randomly chosen avatar owners will have a chance to meet the producer Timur Savcı in a special online meeting and delve into the behind the scenes of Magnificent Century.

Limited Edition Poster: Five hundred randomly chosen avatar owners will win a special Magnificent Century x The Sandbox poster.

Game Event Rewards: Avatar owners can benefit from a special prize pool of 50,000 SAND in the game event experience.

Pre-sales registrations for the Magnificent Century Avatar Collection will start on March 5. All users who register for the discounted sale can mint their avatars and buy them for 90 SAND on March 11.

The public sale will take place on March 12 for 120 SAND.

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The Sandbox x Tims Production

The Sandbox is a metaverse platform created by combining blockchain technology and virtual reality. This platform allows users to create their own digital assets, build their communities, and interact with each other. The Sandbox offers players and creators the opportunity to create and share games, fun experiences, and digital artworks. With features such as an in-game economy, NFTs, and the ability to create their own NFTs, it provides an environment where users can earn real money.

Tims Productions, established by Timur Savci in 2006, is one of the leading producers in Turkish television. Since its establishment, successful productions from Tims Productions have shaped the Turkish television industry. Timur Savci is recognized as an experienced producer in the industry, having produced more than 20 series.

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