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Treehouse Buys Origins for NFT Data


Singapore-based data firm Treehouse has acquired NFT analysis platform Origins to expand its NFT product range.

Today, Treehouse announced the acquisition of the intellectual property of Origins Analytics, which offers NFT data analysis using both on-chain and off-chain data.

As part of the acquisition, the founding team of Origins, which raised $4 million last year, will join Treehouse and will offer services such as an algorithmically tagged NFT wallet notification system, NFT analytic bots and an NFT wallet profiling API.

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Treehouse did not disclose the size of the acquisition deal.

In 2021, which they secured financing by raising an $18 million seed round from investors such as Lightspeed, MassMutual, Binance, Mirana, LeadBlock, Jump, GSR and Wintermute, stated that it is currently evaluating more merger and acquisition opportunities.

Treehouse’s CEO Brandon Goh, said in a statement, “We are excited to make this move in the NFT analytics field”. “Despite the bear market, Treehouse continues to grow and is actively considering acquiring synergistic businesses.” he added.

Even though it has been going through a tough period due to the decreased interest in NFTs, it seems that Treehouse will get a return on its investments with the start of the bull market in the coming periods.

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